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Employee Pricing at Westview Ford Explained!


Pay what our employees pay during Ford Employee Pricing! Have you ever wondered what this actually means? Is it just like any other incentives that automotive companies offer year-round? Get answers to all your questions in this article!


What Makes Employee Pricing Special?


At first glance, Employee Pricing looks like a regular incentive. Though, if you look more into it, it is actually not an incentive in the traditional sense. What makes this offer stand out is that it is an actual reduction of the price of the vehicle. Therefore, during Employee Pricing, Westview Ford lowers prices to or even below what the dealership pays for the vehicle, commonly referred to as the invoice price. That reduction is determined by the A-Plan price, or Employee price.
Here is an example: As you can see, the retail price (what you would regularly pay) for this F-150 is $60,949. During employee pricing, Westview Ford offers the vehicle at the A-Plan rate ($53,852), a $7,097 reduction, which actually puts the price below the invoice price! 


Employee Pricing adjustment and Delivery Allowance


On top of that, you will save even more with added rebates and incentives offered by Ford, like the $5,500 Delivery Allowance in the case of this truck resulting in total savings of $12,597! Those are unarguably the biggest savings available during the year! No need for haggling and worrying!


When Can I Get Employee Pricing?


Employee Pricing is on during the Summer months and usually end in August! At the same time, the savings you get during this event are no secret, which means that Westview Ford's inventory usually shrinks down during the course of this event. This means, that you should not wait until it is too late to get your eyes on a vehicle and start test driving it! 


Get Prices Worth Smiling About!


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