Meet The Family of Ford SUVs and Crossovers

2017 Ford Expedition

It's pretty common knowledge that SUVs and crossovers really are dominating the passenger vehicle market and the moment, and there's little sign of their popularity waning anytime soon either. It's only to be expected that Ford has plenty to choose from, and they really do come in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of budgets and applications. So, let’s take a look at the current family of Ford SUVs and crossover.

2017 Ford Escape

The 2017 Ford Escape is a compact crossover that's incredibly popular across the whole of North America as well as in much of Europe where it's badged as the Ford Kuga. It's currently available in three trim levels here in Canada, which are the S, the SE and the Titanium. The Ford Escape S is very well equipped for an entry level model, but it also comes with a starting price as attractive as the vehicle itself of just $22,765.

2017 Ford Flex

You're unlikely to mistake the 2017 Ford Flex for any other vehicle on the road due to its unashamedly rectangular shape that means no compromise whatsoever when it comes to interior space. The Flex is a sizeable crossover that seats up to seven people in considerable comfort, but you'll be amazed at just how car-like it is to drive. The Ford Flex is available in SE, SEL and Limited trim levels with starting prices of $29,353, $34,945 and $40,997, respectively. There's no such thing as a sparsely equipped Flex, but the Limited with its powerful 3.5-litre EcoBoost V-6 and a plethora of the latest features and equipment really does rival some luxury models costing considerably more.

2017 Ford Edge

Like the Escape, the 2017 Ford Edge is another model Ford is enjoying considerable success with on both sides of the Atlantic. The Edge is a mid-size crossover that seats up to five people, which means a third-row hasn't been squeezed in so there's plenty of room for a full complement of passengers to ride in comfort. The Edge is available in SE, SEL, Titanium and Sport trim levels, with prices starting from just $30,231.

2017 Ford Explorer

If you like the modern styling of the Edge but you need to accommodate up to seven people inside, the 2017 Ford Explorer is the natural progression. While the Explorer was a mid-size originally, it grew into a full-size in 2011 and that's where it sits today. The lineup begins with the base Explorer model priced from $32,469, and then goes upwards through XLT, Limited and Sport models before the superb Explorer Platinum tops the range.

2017 Ford Expedition

If the unquestionable capability of a full-blown, full-size SUV is what you’re looking for, the 2017 Ford Expedition certainly fits the bill. It may be a model that been around for a fair amount of time and is built on an unashamedly traditional platform, but you'll find just about every feature and every piece of modern equipment you think of in the lineup somewhere. The Expedition family comprises of the XLT, Limited, Platinum, Limited Max and Platinum Max models, with prices ranging from $47,948 for the XLT to $64,565 for the Platinum Max.

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