How Efficient are Hybrid Cars?

If you're looking to save on fuel, hybrid cars like the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford C-Max Energi from Westview Ford Sales might be on your short list. At the same time, it's perfectly natural to wonder just how efficient hybrid cars really are. After all, you'll be investing a large amount of money into whatever you end up buying, so getting you want a good return.

How Hybrids Work

To fully understand how hybrids attain stellar environmental performance, you need to learn how they work.

Think of a hybrid as like a regular car, but with a second motor that's electric. Of course, the other engine runs on gasoline. This setup allows you to enjoy the benefits of both motors.

For example, an electric motor gets you up to speed quickly, generates little noise, and is incredibly smooth. When making short trips close by, it's ideal.

When it comes to gasoline motors, they have a distinct advantage with far better range. You can go a long time without stopping to refuel, which only takes a few minutes, and can be done at any number of locations. By combining the two motors, you get to enjoy both sets of benefits.

Hybrids actually recapture some of the energy that's lost by braking. Every time you press on the brake pedal to slow your car or bring it to a complete stop, you must press on the accelerator later to get back up to speed. With a regular car, that energy is just plain lost. Hybrids have a system that will convert some of the braking energy into electricity, which then sits in a battery for the electric motor.

Efficiency Compared

When it comes to gasoline efficient cars, hybrids actually outdo traditional setups. The reasons for this advantage might not be what you expect.

To put it simply, hybrids enjoy the best of both worlds. Electric motors are more efficient when you're driving at slower speeds, especially since they require less energy to move the car forward from a stop. On the flip side, when you're driving at high speeds without stops, such as on the highway, a gasoline engine runs more efficiently.

Ford and other manufacturers often include other designs to boost efficiency further for hybrids. One is regenerative braking. Another is more aerodynamic exterior elements, including wheels made to create less drag.

Exactly how much more efficient hybrid cars are depends on the model you choose. Individual driving habits also impact what kind of fuel efficiency you'll experience. But with everything being equal, a hybrid car will run the most efficiently.

Ford Benefits

Saving on gas is great for your finances and the environment. Some additional advantages from Ford make choosing a hybrid car even more ideal.

Ford includes SmartGauge with EcoGuide to give you real-time feedback on your driving. The screen will coach you through the best braking, acceleration, and cruising methods. When it's time to refuel, the EasyFuel capless fuel filler makes the activity less stressful since you can't misplace the cap.

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