When to Replace Your Tires?


Without tires, the rest of our vehicle is rather pointless. Its important you know the warning signs that your tires are starting to wear down, so that you can act accordingly. Don’t let worn tires sneak up on you and leave you stranded.

It goes without saying that your tires are a very important part of your vehicle. Tires wear down gradually over time, and everyone’s tire longevity will differ based on their driving habits. Most tire manufactures will give you a warranty that their tires will last a particular number of miles under normal driving conditions. However, you cannot simply abide by these numbers, and must take your car, your environment, and your driving into account. The experts at Westview Ford dealership are here to walk you through the warning signs that your vehicle needs new tires.

Visual Warning Signs

Your car tires may need to be replaced if they visually look like they are wearing thin. Take a look at the tires’ tread. If the tread is worn completely, you have an immediate problem that warrants you to replace the tires. There are also several ways to measure the tread, which will let you know if they are getting lower than the legal and manufacture designated depth. These include using a coin, a ruler, or a tread depth gauge. You do not want your tire tread getting lower than 2/32nds of an inch.

Other visual warning signs may include small leaks and other damages. If you notice your tires losing pressure faster or more frequently, this can be a sign of a leak or puncture somewhere on the tire. Aging tires that have been exposed to the elements may also start to crack and fray. These types of damages pose a large threat when driving at higher speeds, hitting bumps and cracks, or if the sidewall of the tire were to scrape a curb. Always replace tires that have worn tread, cracks or damage to the sidewalls, or have any other type of irreparable physical damage.

Signs You Can Feel

Tire wobble is less common under most conditions. However, there are a few situations that can cause the tire to become improperly balanced. This type of tire damage can be caused when a vehicle sits for a long period of time, or when a hard stop is made shaving the rubber of one side of the tire. Improperly balanced tires and the wobble that comes with it puts a lot of stress on the other suspension components attached to the wheels. Leaving this unsolved will cause a ripple effect through the rest of your car.

Cars that have thinning tread also drive differently. Lower tread tends to have less traction, poor control and handling capabilities, and becomes a sliding hazard on wet or frozen roads. Poor tire tread also effects your braking distance, making it take longer and father to stop without a good grip. This can be particularly noticeable and dangerous in wet driving conditions. If your vehicle is at a point where you can feel the lack of tread on your tires while driving, you are long overdue for new tires.

No matter what indication you have that your tires may need to be replaced, you can always trust your local Ford experts at Westview Ford for insightful opinions and recommendations. Find a great selection of tires for all Trucks, Cars, SUVs, and more. Regardless of your make or model, get tires and quality Ford services in Courtenay today.