What do you need to know when buying a pre-owned car?

A new car isn’t always in the budget. Sometimes, the car you want isn’t in production any longer. Thankfully, you have the option of buying a pre-owned car instead of new. It can save you thousands of dollars and can make car ownership a possibility sooner than you imagined.

Buying a used car can be as fun and exciting as buying new. However, there are important details you’ll want to iron out before completing your purchase. Here are a few specifics you need to know when buying a pre-owned car, courtesy of Westview Ford in Courtenay, BC.

Vehicle History Report

Once you’ve found a car you want to take home with you, it’s important to know its history. A vehicle history report from a company like Carfax will give you nearly all the information you want to know.

A vehicle history report records any collisions that have been reported in the past, as well as any other insurance claims that have been made on the pre-owned car. You’ll see the title status, routine service dates and records from the manufacturer, and if there are any outstanding recalls.

These details are all vital in determining if buying a pre-owned car is a good idea or if you should keep looking.

Warranty Coverage

It’s no secret that car repairs can be expensive. When you’re buying a used car, remaining warranty coverage can help keep your cost of ownership down.

When you’re shopping for a pre-owned car, ask about remaining warranty coverage from the seller. If you’re looking at Certified Pre-Owned cars, there’s usually the balance of factory warranty in effect on the vehicle, or perhaps there’s an extended warranty in place. Some used cars, especially those from private sellers, are beyond the warranty coverage period, which can expose you to costly unexpected repairs.

Is It Priced Right?

You don’t want to spend more than you have to when you’re buying a used car. Luckily, there are online tools to help you determine if the price on the used car is accurate, or if you need to keep looking.

To find out if the used car’s price is what it should be, you need to get a few details from the car itself. You should have the used car’s year, make, model, and trim level, its current mileage, and a good idea of its physical condition. Then, use an authoritative online valuation tool like Kelley Blue Book or AutoTrader. Enter the vehicle details to find out what fair market value is for it.

Keep in mind that fair market value for a dealership is higher. If you’re buying a pre-owned car from a dealership like Westview Ford, it’s been fully inspected and certified. In the event you have any questions or concerns, you’ll have the support you need to get it cared for.

If you’re buying a pre-owned car, find a dealership you can trust. Westview Ford in Courtenay, BC is your local Ford dealer, offering new and used cars for sale at a fair price along with the customer experience you deserve.