2018 Ford Comparisons: Ford Escape vs Ford Edge

2018 Ford Comparisons: Ford Escape vs Ford Edge

Comparing the Ford Escape to the Ford Edge isn’t straightforward – one’s a compact SUV, and the other is midsize. But looking at the difference between the two can help you decide which is right for you.

Should pay a few extra dollars for the Edge, or stick with the smaller Escape? No matter which you choose, you’ll be getting an exceptional and dependable crossover SUV.

2018 Ford Escape vs. the 2018 Ford Edge

Since its introduction in 2001, the compact Ford Escape has been a popular selling vehicle. The Ford Edge has been highly sought-after as well, since its 2007 debut. For 2018, both models offer class-leading style, performance, and technology. Compare each vehicle’s options and choose the Ford SUV that fits your needs.


The Edge is larger and generously equipped, which means its price tag is higher than the Escape. It has a base MSRP of around $30,000, whereas the Escape comes in at just over $23,000. If price is a critical factor for you, Ford’s smaller SUV is the way to go.

Winner: 2018 Ford Escape


When it comes to base engines, the Edge is packing more power. Under the hood, the midsize SUV brandishes a 2.0L four-cylinder EcoBoost powerplant good for 245 hp and 275 lb-ft. The Ford Escape, on the other hand, has an efficient 2.5L four-cylinder engine turning out 168 hp and 170 lb-ft.

Additional engine options include a 2.7L twin-turbo V6 for the Edge, and two turbocharged four-cylinder engines in the Escape. Both vehicles are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and offered with either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Winner: 2018 Ford Edge

Fuel Economy

Everyone is trying to save money at the pump these days. Both the Edge and the Escape get phenomenal fuel economy, with Ford’s compact SUV squeezing out just a couple more MPGs on the freeway.

Winner: 2018 Ford Escape


Both 5-passenger SUVs offer substantial room for people and gear. Of the two, the larger Edge provides greater passenger and cargo volume (113.9 cu. ft. and 73.4 cu. ft.) than the Escape (98.7 cu. ft. and 68 cu. ft.).

Winner: 2018 Ford Edge

2018 Ford Escape and 2018 Ford Edge highlights

Both the Ford Escape and the Ford Edge are trendsetting SUVs that set the benchmark for their segment. Which is best depends entirely on your lifestyle and budget.

The Escape offers best-in-class power, along with a comfortable, well-equipped interior. Its level of style and sophistication is unparalleled in the compact SUV segment.

As for the Edge, it showcases a sporty exterior and swift performance. Like its smaller stablemate, it offers an abundance of advanced technology and creature comforts.

To summarize:

· The Escape is the vehicle of choice for consumers looking for a small SUV that’s big on style and advanced technology.

· The Edge is perfect for those who need everything the Escape offers, plus a little extra power and interior space.

The best way to decide between the 2018 Ford Escape and 2018 Ford Edge

Visiting Westview Ford is the best way to decide between the Escape and the Edge. We have an unmatched selection of the two SUVs available for you to experience firsthand. Stop by to test drive both to determine which is right for you.

2018 Ford Comparisons: Ford Escape vs Ford Edge