2017 Ford Focus Electric

2017 Ford Focus Electric

Comparisons between the mobile phone and auto markets are becoming hard to ignore, especially the way many of us lease vehicles and change them regularly just like smartphones on a contract. Although many of us are not changing our phones as quickly as we used to because new, exciting "must-have" features are becoming increasingly rare, we do seem to be leasing cars and changing them more frequently than ever as more advanced features are becoming increasingly common. Take the 2017 Ford Focus Electric as a prime example. The Focus Electric is a cutting-edge electric car, but it's also a car that's realistic about its ambition. It's not the most expensive electric car in the market, but it's also comfortable with not being the highest-spec, highest-priced model out there either.


When the Ford Focus Electric was upgraded for the 2017 model year, some observers couldn’t help jumping on the fact the enhancements didn't propel the Ford straight to the top of its EV class. What they probably didn’t take into consideration is the fact the manufacturer had no intention of trying to position the Focus in the upper echelons of the current EV world. But what it did do with the Focus Electric is make it into a viable alternative to more traditional gasoline and hybrid vehicles of a similar size, but to also to try and make it as accessible to a mass market as possible.

The lowdown

Everyone knows the key thing for most potential EV buyers is range, and the range on a fully charged battery has been increased with the Ford Focus Electric. But while some upcoming rivals are aiming at ranges of some 320 km or more on a full charge, Ford hasn’t gone that far as it would push the costs up, and therefore the price of the Focus too, higher than the company wants it to be. There are not different trim levels ranging from the well-equipped to all-singing, all-dancing either, and instead Ford keeps it nice and simple with just the one with all the features and equipment you'd want and need in this type of vehicle without going over the top.

Getting it right

Of course, if those clever people at Ford had really wanted to they could have turned the Focus Electric into a world-beating EV that could have eclipsed the market leader for capability and even possibly put a frown on the face of Elon Musk, but that would have pushed the price into the stratosphere. Getting buyers to make the not inconsiderable leap from traditional gas-powered cars to all-electric is a tough enough challenge as it is, so pricing it out of the market for those thinking of giving electric motoring a chance wouldn't achieve a great deal at all. It certainly wouldn't have increases the volume of EVs on the road by any significant number, and it also cost Ford far more than it would ever be likely to recover through sales.

So, the updated 2017 Ford Focus might not be the most space-age, cutting-edge, all-electric vehicle with the longest range out there right now, but it's definitely now an EV the uninitiated might seriously consider giving a try. If that's not what electric-vehicle manufacturers should be aiming for it's hard to see what the medium future holds for the EV.

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